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this is my artblog ouo
I draw poop pokemon and stuff

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totally lost on my practise objective orz ….. at least I’m drawing stuff LOL

Also I can’t get myself used to using clip paint studio?? anything I draw in it looks off/weird.. I would like to say I’m making excuses?? But I really can’t draw as well in CSP than in photoshop?? 


Bottom Photoshop

Does this count as dynamic LOLLL


cry this is all I could come up with all day orz.. at least this is a start

Because I need the practise

I’m gonna do this thing where 6 out of 7 days a week I will draw something everyday. The last day of the week is rest day or make up day if I missed a day the previous week. Yep. 

Not in order, I’ll try doing these weekly

  • 2 Days Full body characters NO FEET CHOP OFF (Can be ref sheet style or posed)
  • 1 Day Dynamic poses
  • 1 Day Expressions
  • 1 Day Backgrounds (Stock images are OK; practising blending characters into bg)
  • 1 Day free-draw

Doing this because I haven’t been drawing for awhile and I don’t remember how to draw properly… Hope this will help me ; - ;

Also posting this on tumblr so I wont cheat myself when skipping a day LOL

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